The phrase ‘The Book and the Place’ refers to the classic distinction between the two dominant modes of magic-using that exist in the world.

Book Magic, otherwise referred to as ‘Text Magic’, ‘Over Magic’ or, usually derogatorily, ‘School Magic’ relies on alterations, repetitions or recitations of the Base Words that were used to create the overworld. These manipulations, or ‘tropic shifts’ are effected in order to change either individual or mass perception of phenomena in the overworld. It is taught in hundreds of Book Sanctioned universities across the globe, as well as, it is rumored, in possibly dozens of unsanctioned private academies or ‘larhusses’. Followers of Book-Magic are known as Magi’s or, in what is usually considered a form of insult, Logolaters.

The second dominant form of magic, ‘Place Magic’, or ‘World Magic’, relies on manipulation or alteration of the link between its practitioners, or, as they are known, Dasien, and the environment around them. Place Magic is an innate ability, often theorized as potentially latent in all humans (and potentially animals, see ‘non human Dasien’ for more information), although, has never been manifest in more than 10% of the population throughout recorded history, and at present is manifest in some form in slightly under 2% of the population (see Place Magic Decline for more information).

The Book and the Place